Design and structure of the layer:
During the conventional nitration of stainless steel a nitrate layer consisting of a diffusion zone and a connecting layer is created. Characteristic is the segregation of chromium nitrides (CrN) in the layer, which increases the wear resistance; corrosion resistance however sharply decreases.
With Stainihard® NC the formation of chromium nitrides (CrN) or chromium carbides (CrC) is suppressed, allowing the so-called S-phase to form. This hard layer on the surface consists of a diffusion layer containing a super saturation of nitrogen and carbon. As a result high pressure tension occurs and the hardness greatly increases, without affecting the corrosion resistance. In certain applications this even improves the corrosion resistance.
The depth created with Stainihard® NC depends on the type of stainless steel, the surface condition and the degree of deformation. 

 Stainihard layer


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