Depending on the application, there are several possible procedures in the Stainihard® process in order to optimize the requireproperties.

During the Stainihard® processthe surface is enriched in a special way with nitrogen and carbon. Normally in case when
(austenitic) stainless steel is used this is not possible to do. The products are treated in a nitrogen and carbon releasing atmosphere. During this process, nitrogen and carbon diffuse
in the product surface, whereby the diffusion for a certain period of time takes place at a temperature between 350°C and 500°C.
As a result of the diffusion of these elements, the surface reaches a very high hardness (1200-1400 HV0,05).
After the Stainihard® treatment, products can be given an additional treatment in order to optimize the corrosion resistance.

Stainihard is a treatment, which is FDA-approved and has many applications in mechanical engineering for the food industry, but is also used in the chemical, medical, semiconductor, graphic and automotive industries.



 twinscrew pump parts



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